Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for your friends and family is here

Treat them to a Harrisons Jewellers gift voucher.

Do you have a special occasion coming up but aren't sure what to ask for? With a huge range of stunning Jewellery and watch brands, the Harrisons Jewellers gift voucher is an ideal simple yet thoughtful gift that will match any moment. 

How the Harrisons jewellers gift voucher works….

  • Where can I purchase a Harrisons Jewellers gift voucher?
    You can purchase from Harrisons Jewellers stores or via the website. You cannot purchase Harrisons Jewellers vouchers in Pandora Aylesbury.
  • Where can I spend my Harrisons Jewellers gift voucher?
    The gift voucher must be spent/redeemed in Harrisons Jewellers stores. The gift voucher cannot be spent/redeemed online, or in Pandora only stores.
    Click here to find your nearest Harrisons Jewellers store.
  • How much can I spend on my Harrisons Jewellers gift voucher?
    There is no minimum spend. The maximum spend is £500.
  • How many Harrisons Jewellers gift vouchers can I purchase?
    There is no limit to how many gift vouchers you can purchase.
  • How can I check the balance of my Harrisons Jewellers gift voucher?
    You can check the balance by popping into your nearest Harrisons Jewellers store or by calling the store from where the card was purchased.
  • How long is my gift voucher valid for?
    The gift voucher expires and cannot be used 12 months after the date of activation.